Fields of interventions

Accounting standards in public establishments, database analysis, reliable financial information, corrective accountant schema proposals, collective teamwork on hand.


Within public establishments, the projects consist of:
Analysing the financial data integrated during the implementing of ERP Qualiac,
define the deviation source within the recovery of database and data processing
carried out during the first years of data processing, calculate the stakes, implore
ways to manage historical differences, implore ways to improve future processing.


Enhance reliability of accounting and financial presentations, process volumetric data, access to historical data (recent implementing of ERP).


Team project: accounting agency, Financial director, IT consultant, 1 Kence consultant.
Documented data could be reconstructed and matched with the amounts
integrated in Qualiac.
Corrective accounting schemes have been offered and booked by the customer.
Financial data integrated in the device have been found reliable to allow automatic accounting treatment in the future.
KENCE carried out the mission due to the strength of their knowledge in public accounting and because of the high quality relationship with their clients’ teams.

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