Fields of intervention

Statutory consolidation and reporting group.


Within a group of rapidly growing logistics (CA>250 M€), the objective of the project is to integrate statutory consolidation and the reporting group. KENCE has coincided different phases to put into place the consolidation software and reporting, Opera Amelkis.


Data reporting convergence and statutory consolidation.
Homogenization of chart of accounts between reporting and statutory consolidation.
Recovery of different sources of historical database.
Project transparency towards the financial director and the publisher of the software.


Team Project: Financial Director, persons in charge of the consolidation, 2 consultants of the software publisher, 1 external consultant for the reporting part, 1 KENCE consultant.
Streamlining of the chart of accounts.
In depth takeover of retrieval of historical data.: 3 periods consisting of 2 to 3 stages to statutory consolidation,12 to 24 periods of resumption on reporting.
Client escorting in first statutory consolidations with operational guide using the IT tool.

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